Painting T-Rex on the Bondi Sea Wall

A couple of pics from my time painting the Bondi Sea Wall this September! The work will be up for a few more months so if you're in the area get down and see it. It's located to the right of the lifeguard tower. 



Turn it into the moon

After watching ABC's War On Waste I'm more conscious of what I use and throw away through my art.  Little things like swapping paper towel for rags and cleaning brushes with olive oil and detergent rather than solvents are small changes I've made over the years.  This month I've also been revisiting and finishing some old paintings. It is so much fun to breathe new life into old work.  This one below is a baseball study turned moon and stars. I'm framing this and keeping it for myself :)

Mixed Messages

This week I've been touching up and old painting. Again, working in white but adding touches of lemon yellow and cool blues to add dimension. Watch this space. 




Studio Floor

A little look at my studio floor. I rotate from painting at a desk, an easel and on the ground, (which is terrible and no good for your back). I paint using LangridgeWinsor & Newton and Gamblin oil colours. 

Painting in white

I've stepped away from colour for a few months to practice painting in white. I'm hoping it will help to develop my skills without relying on colour to make something look "complete" or "real". 

Watch this (white) space. 


Quote of the day

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Working on White Pencils

Nearly at the end of these large scale white pencils. This piece has taken considerably longer due to the size but it's nice to be working this large again. 

Better space, better work

Having a dedicated space to paint is making me so happy. Good things are being practiced in here. 

Current podcast: The Tim Ferris Show, I write my learnings on the walls. 


In The Studio

Enjoying my little studio decked with fairy lights and dad's old records. Painting this large scale white pencil painting which is coming together nicely. One week to go I think. Kx 

Painting process

Hi friends, I'm working on a large scale pencil composition for a creative soul in Sydney. My process starts with a sketch (helped below by my 9 month old niece). I then transfer the drawing onto canvas using a Staedtler fineliner in brown or lead pencil. Next up is a wash of burnt sienna and odourless solvent before the underpainting begins. BRB Katie x



A book painting for a family

In June of this year I finished one of my favourite book paintings. Rather than representing one person or a couple, this piece reflects the story of a young family in Sydney. Camila is an amazing designer who I used to share an office space with in Surry Hills. Her creative eye and suggestions made this piece come together really nicely. As I always say to people with my book paintings, it's all in the details :) 

Latest Book Painting

So happy with how this turned out! A beautiful mix of colours and titles. So nice to see the thank you note from the new owner too. Kx  

For book painting enquiries email 


Lawrence Street Makers

A few snaps from the Lawrence Street Makers exhibition curated by Kareena Zerefos. Great night and even greater people. 

Northern Beaches, oil on canvas in vintage frame.  

Northern Beaches, oil on canvas in vintage frame.  

To the left; White Pencils, oil on canvas. Photographed with the talented Jaimee Paul with her Bambi drawing. 

To the left; White Pencils, oil on canvas. Photographed with the talented Jaimee Paul with her Bambi drawing. 

Surf Tips

Living in Bondi I've become increasingly interested in the beauty of the surfboard, each stick marked and scratched to tell the story of its owner. Below is Surf Tips, painted on canvas and glued on a wooden board. 

Surf Tips, oil on canvas. 

Surf Tips, oil on canvas. 

create don't take

In 2016 I'll be spending less time with people who take and more time doing what I love. It's an old train of thought but I really do get lost in painting. It's a happy place and somewhere I'd like to be more often.  

"Those That Mind Don't Matter, and Those That Matter Don't Mind", oil on Italian canvas. 

"Those That Mind Don't Matter, and Those That Matter Don't Mind", oil on Italian canvas.